Structures & Decorating

All structures must be approved by the Committee before installation or placement.

The term “structures” includes but is not limited to: mailboxes, play sets, swing sets, playhouses, forts, trampolines, sheds/utility buildings, gazebos, home additions, trellises, screened porches, hot tubs, swimming pools, decks, permanent lawn displays and landscape ornaments in the front yard, exterior antennae, earth satellite stations, microwave dishes, solar panels or other similar receiving devices, transmission or energy-generating equipment.

The following are not permitted: sheds/utility buildings, clothes lines, above-ground pools, and window air conditioners.

All play equipment, if at all possible, should be placed behind the footprint of the house and must remain in good repair and maintained at all times.

Portable items, etc., such as kiddie pools, may not be stored in view of neighbor.

Garbage cans must be placed out of sight from the street. If an inconspicuous place is not available, garbage cans must be kept inside garage. Cans, recycle holders, etc., and other trash should be set out the day before designated pick-up day. Cans must be pushed back by the end of the pick-up day. Yard waste may be placed out the weekend before pick-up day.

Mailboxes and newspaper boxes must be traditional heavy gauge steel and painted black. If replacement is required, the same style and material shall be installed.

Mailboxes may not be permanently decorated in any way. Landscaping around mailboxes is allowed but must be kept neat and maintained at all times.

All seasonal/holiday decorations must be limited to the specific holiday, including light displays on trees. All said items must be removed in a timely manner and no later than 30 days from the conclusion of each respective holiday.

Moving pods, U-Hauls, etc., may not remain on the premises or street more than 10 days, unless given permission by the HOA to remain longer.