Miscellaneous Information

Phone numbers and vendors are provided for convenience only and do not constitute endorsement.

Digging in your yard? Call 800-632-4949
(North Carolina’s free underground line locator service)

Mailbox / newspaper tube repair: Ornamental Specialties, Inc. – 704-821-9154

The front storm door (F66 3-0 x 6-9 – 6 lite) approved by the Board can be found at Blackhawk Hardware, Matthews Building Supply Co. and other commercial building suppliers.

Therma-Tru Fiber-Classic F60 fiberglass front door:
Please note the Fiber-Classic door also requires stain & varnish, plus runs about twice the price of the original F66 solid wood doors.

Residential Construction Specialities (gas fireplaces):
Service Appointments 704-559-4846
Main number 704-523-8063

Saussy Burbank warranty & materials info.: 704-442-4917

Please be aware of the local ordinance which requires all dog owners to remove feces deposited by their dogs on any public street, sidewalk, gutter, park or other publicly owned or private property.

Nuisance animals are to be reported to the Animal Control Bureau – 311

Bulky Item Collection – 704-336-2673