All yards must remain well maintained at all times – this includes removal of dead or diseased trees, hedges, weeds. Removal of dead or diseased items or weeds does not require Committee approval. Replacement of hedges or shrubs in existing beds using the same species or another species with similar attributes of size and color do not require Committee approval.

All major landscaping changes must be approved by the Committee. This includes, but is not limited to trees, walkways, masonry/stone structures, or significant changes to planting beds. Seasonal or annual plantings in existing beds do not require Committee approval.

All yards main cover must be grass. Bermuda grass is not permitted, except on lawns that have already been established with Bermuda grass.

Your landscaping cannot hinder the drainage of your neighbors’ yards, must not divert a drainage problem into your neighbors’ yards, or in any way alter the drainage pattern(s) established by the developer or builder.

All hedges may not extend beyond the front façade of your house or garage.

Sight line restrictions must be followed.

Sprinkler systems do not require Committee review.

All landscape edging visible from the street must consist of brick (which matches the exterior of your home), natural stone, tumbled stone or natural rock walls (preferably, professionally installed). Concrete blocks, painted stone, prefabricated façade stones and plastic edging are not permitted without Committee approval.

All vegetable gardens must be in the backyard, must not exceed 25% of the backyard, and must be neatly maintained at all times.

Homeowners are required to regularly trim trees and shrubbery located near the sidewalks and streets in front of their house to allow unobstructed access to such sidewalks and streets by pedestrian traffic.

All front yards must contain at least one large tree (excluding any trees between the sidewalk and the street).

No improvement or landscaping is allowed outside the boundaries of your property, with the exception of the area at the base of the mailbox.

The ARC Committee must approve permanent lawn displays and landscape ornaments (including, but not limited to, wishing wells, fountains and statues) prior to placement.

Please be aware of the local ordinance which requires all dog owners to remove feces deposited by their dogs on any public street, sidewalk, gutter, park or other publicly owned or private property.