All fences, no matter what type, must be approved by the Committee before installation.

Fences must be a minimum of 42 inches in height and must not exceed 60 inches in height unless specifically approved by the Committee.

Fence lines shared by neighbors (physically attached) must be the same style, color and height. Adjacent fences which are not physically attached and are not the same style, color and height must have adequate space between them to mow and/or edge or have landscaping placed between them.

Fences must be constructed of pressure-treated lumber, pre-finished aluminum or wrought iron. Any brick columns must match the brick on the foundation/home.

Wood fences must be painted at time of installation.

Fences must remain in good repair and maintained as needed.

All fences must meet Mecklenburg County building codes.

Fences may not extend beyond the mid-point of the side façades of the home.

Fences on corner lots must be set back two feet from the sidewalk. Easements can vary per lot. Check with the City prior to construction.