Hawk Crest Football League

The First Annual Hawk Crest Football League (HCFL) game was held the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The Yellow Flags were led by Player, Coach and Quarter Back Big Steve who fielded a team of very athletic grade schoolers plus some adults with varying abilities.  League rules prevented Big Steve from drafting Little Steve.  Big Steve’s Nerf arm connected with every one of his receivers accounting for numerous touch downs.

The Green Flags brought similar talent led by Head Coach and football mastermind Lilly.  Lilly’s starting QB performed well on their first few possessions.  However, after a few interceptions,  Lilly made the difficult decision to switch QBs midway through the game.  At that point the Green Flags made it look effortless.  Who would have the guts to make those decisions other than Lilly.

Coach Lilly

The game experienced an interruption when one of the young players shouted “Mom, I’m hungry!”  A 15-minute delay followed for some Juicy Juice, Crispy Creams and orange slices.

Although each team scored numerous times, we forgot to include a score keeper.  Because of this oversight we have no idea who won.  Maybe this is something the league should address in their next team owner’s meeting.

You can find some of the highlights and photos under the HCFL tab.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.